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Rose Phetleung


Digital Painting


“Because the feeling of time has never been clearer than when that light shines through that window.”
Now when everything seems to stop, numbers on the clock are no longer represent anything. If we close the window, we will no longer have the relation to the time of the outside world.
I use digital media to represent this concept because the dependent nature on these devices during this time is almost another realm as time in there is almost not real. The content about something from a week or that funny video that was filmed yesterday. Everything there looks so lively and present even though in reality it already ended. On the other hand, time is always related to the other reality.  
Changes are evidence of time. In this piece, the change of the scenery outside the window pierces through and direct the concept of time. The light that shines through the window and warmth that creates a shadow. These simple changes are what raise my awareness of the time.


Approaching Time 

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