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Owen Murray

My  Fossil, My Past

Air Dry Clay


I am an interdisciplinary artist who has explored many different fields of creating.  Through the use of material concepts, I assign personal meaning to the combinations of materials to convey a mood, narrative, or personal anecdote.  Color, form, and shape are important factors to consider in the creation of the work.  Photography, painting, drawing, metal, wood work, fibers, and dyes are the most prominent mediums I've used in my practice.  I approach the making of my work in an extremely lighthearted and casual manner so as to be able to enjoy the making process.  I would hope that feeling of wonder, happinessand comfort are evoked in the viewer. Taking inspiration from women such as Lee Bontecou and Eva Hesse, my recent sculptural work has consisted of contrasting materials like steel and canvas. These works sought to explore ideas of unity and the infrastructure of the always-evolving human mind. New ideas and interests that I would like to explore have to do with parachutes and sails. Both of these objects require wind for activation and carry the user to new locations. I relate this to the journey of the mind and personal growth through intuition and life experience.   


In this time of isolation, many of us have sought comfort in the virtual world of Animal Crossing.  As Animal Crossing is the media I'm consuming the most during this time, the images are a direct reference to my time in isolation.  The use of the fossil item is specific as it is a historical artifact.  I hope to one day take this moment in my life, fossilize its and lease in the past.  What we are going through right now will never be forgotten, but it can be learned from.  Much like a fossil, we will keep this moment in history preserved and in the vaults s owe can analyze, study, and learn.

Approaching Time 

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