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Logan Gatherum


Heading 1


Time Series

Digital Photography


My series of photographs represents time in a sense that accents the known and unknown. By that, I mean incorporating found objects, objects acquired over time, and the process of creating new objects. The paint layers expose dozens of colors, and the time frame in which they were accurately acquired is unknown. After noticing a green speck in my now stark white bathroom wall, I realized that it was the old layer of paint underneath. My curiosity sparked, and I decided to shave down parts of my wall to see just how many coats and colors were buried underneath, over hundreds of years, creating a geode-like visual. While exploring the aspect of the unknown history of my bathroom, I used gelatin squished between multiple silicone molds to create many colors and textures within each other, ultimately achieving the rainbow-like photographs, whose history and time frame is very much known, and young.


Approaching Time 

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