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Inaara Vishnani

Josie Shot on FaceTime

Digital Photographs


I often think about time. How it stops for no one, how endless it is. How it only stops when we stop. How every second that goes by has become history. We are constantly losing time. This concept has always scared me. I’ve realized how much I associate time with the people in my life and how I’m consistently asking myself how much more time I can have with them and how much more time I can have in general. We’re all dependent on time. 

With the happening of COVID-19 and isolation, this uncertainty about time is heightened. Time physically feels irrelevant. However, FaceTime and my communication with the people I may not be able to see anytime soon has kept me grounded. Creations like FaceTime has given us the security for the sadness that distance brought upon. We live in a time where situations like this pandemic can become bearable with the technology we are privileged to own. As a photographer, collaboration and team work can be vital in making my visions and ideas come through. I decided to use facetime as a replacement for my camera to create portraits. For me, this was a way to not let the fear of time, waiting, and distance become a barrier in my creating. 

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Approaching Time 

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