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Ariana Rubin


Digital Photographs


My work primarily focuses on female identity, the body, the self, and the female gaze. Recently, my work has centered around what it is like living with an eating disorder, how that can affect the "ideal" body image, and the desire to reach a sense of confidence at any stage of any  body type.


Vulnerability is a recurring theme in my work that plays with the psychology of being exposed by the camera. I explore the power that the camera has over a subject and how to challenge that power.  I use photography as a way to illustrate the vulnerability of my journey living with an eating disorder as well as a strong focus on the empowerment of all forms of the female body.


Since returning home during the pandemic, I have had the time and space to focus on my eating and workout routines. I have been able to relax and search for refuge in my home, which I have not had time to do before.  I have discovered a new relationship with  my body that I did not know existed by spending time in my bathroom.  I have always used bathrooms as a safe place and as a way to mentally gather myself.  Now, the bathroom makes me think differently about my body because this is where I have my weekly weigh-ins.  Furthermore, I am forced to look at and examine my body since there are mirrors everywhere. This is heightened by bringing in a camera as the ultimate mirror.  Merging the ideas of safety, refuge, and vulnerability for this project, I can enter a new dimension of reflection.   

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Approaching Time 

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