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Addison Leon

When I was younger there was a serious lack of stability in my relationship with my Mother. 

As hard as I clung to her, 



                                          I couldn’t keep her weighted down.


was constantly shifting, stirring, shaking. 


My experiences of instability during this time 

                                     feels like deja vu; 

the uncertainty in my day to day is chilling

in its ability to recall past trauma with such ease. 


I have to move during this chaos, I don’t have a choice. 

Clicking listing after listing, 

going from to 



no avail. I’m treading with no signs of gaining traction. 


Reaching out to landlords and property managers without response, 

each apartment I look at feels just as empty as that of one of my Mother’s. 

Shared Houses


In order:

      Newport news house

      House across from the forgotten post office

      Churchill house

(click on each image to read review)

Approaching Time 

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